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Well I may be in a new place, but the problems are the same.  Challenges…let’s call them challenges instead, so much more tidy.

Sunday is Father’s Day.  And as you may recall, Jackass has four children – two with me and two who are older and wiser and who have children of their own.

This morning, I received an email from Jackass, forwarding me an email from Oldest Daughter asking if he wanted to have breakfast/brunch on Father’s Day.  And he asked me for my input.  So I put in.

And then he sends me back another asking me if I want to have everyone up to our house for brunch.  And therein lies the challenge.

This is what always ends up happening.  Because Jackass is incapable of allowing his older children – who are in their 30s and have responsible jobs – to pay for a meal.  The Golden Boy (the neurosurgeon) will one day very soon make much more money than his father, but he can’t buy a piece of sushi if Jackass is present.  So rather than take everyone out for a meal we’ll end up paying for, Jackass prefers to have everyone to our house so I can cook.  It’s also got to do with being the patriarch.  He wants to sit in his recliner and have people come to him.  I find that to be absolutely ridiculous, but whatever.

Not to mention, the older children hate coming to our house.  I can tell, even if he can’t.  We’re not baby-proofed, we have pets they’re allergic to, and the time spent there is interminable.  For everyone but Jackass.

I replied by telling him, I didn’t care what we did…we could go out for breakfast, or we could stay in and I’ll cook.  But inevitably, I felt that his children – all 4 of them – should plan something and invite him to participate.  Because he’s not my father.

Am I wrong, or is it just more sour grapes on my side?



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