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Who are you really?

Posted on: July 27, 2009

Last night, Ingrid said, “Cheryl [her friend] said she tried to get on your blog last night but you put a password up!”

And I said, yes.  Yes I did.


“Because I don’t want your friends reading my blog, I thought that would be obvious.”  I didn’t add that I’m a little annoyed that because of you and your friends, I had to give up something that was important to me, but I’ll manage.  OK, make that a lot annoyed.

And then she said, “Good, I don’t want them reading it either.”

And like a fool, I said, “I started a new one somewhere where you and your friends will never find it!”

And she laughed and said, “How do you know the people reading your blog all along haven’t been my friends?”

And that left me a little icky.  Are you?  Are you all just Ingrid’s friends, here disguising your sweet young nubile bodies in post-baby fat, and middle-aged spread?  Say it isn’t so.


6 Responses to "Who are you really?"

Oh! I wish I had a sweet young nubile body to disguise!

Yea, I can promise that this body is NOT young, nor nubile. I have the chin hairs to prove it.

Young yes, nubile; not anymore, not after 2 children. Stretchmarked and stressed is more apt a description. Possibly chewed on.

Oh yeah, that’s me. Young and nubile. With hot flashes.

LOL is 30 young? And while I may be damn sexy LOL I no longer qualify as ‘nubile’.

Scary scary thought tho ain’t it?

Hahahaha! NO. You’ve seen photos of me. I don’t hire fat actors to play me in my blog posts.

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  • TheQueen: Yeah, perhaps next year suggest you ALL just skip the adult gifts and focus on the little ones. I'm sure you won't miss it!
  • kristabella: Yay! You're back!
  • Shania Ring: Out of all of that, the only thing in my head is 20?!? Twenty? I remember a little boy in middle school when I first started reading you. Are you SURE
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