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BlogHer ’10!

Posted on: July 28, 2009

I’m equal parts excited and terrified at the same time.  Next year, Blogher will be in my neck of the woods.

Excited is easy to understand.  It’s that feeling you get when you know you’re going to be around interesting women and lots of alcohol.  I’m squirmy just thinking about it.

But the terror?  Just as real…

I don’t consider myself a real “blogger” like the rest of you.  I’ve been at it a long time, but never with any real commitment…I get bored with myself and flit away to something else more interesting, and then just as quickly flit back and expect you all to roll with my tides.  I’m very lunar that way.

So who’s going to know me…li’l ole me…at Blogher ’10?  No one, that’s who.  And I have always been the girl who feels left out.  Hell, my 30th high school reunion is this year and I’m on the fence because I’m still not sure those 30 year old high school cliques will have faded.  Can I realy walk up to Lynn Bobo and say hello?  Nah…I don’t think I can.  Just as I will never be able to walk up to The Bloggess and say hello to her either.

So I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I don’t want to be the one who sat home that weekend instead of going to the party all the kids in the neighborhood were invited to, quietly eating microwave popcorn and diet coke and watching Breakfast Club for the 52nd time.  And I don’t want to go and feel like I don’t belong.

Story of my life.

6 Responses to "BlogHer ’10!"

Did you go? Did we meet? Was I drunk? Was I wearing underwear? I hope the answer to all of these is yes.

I went one year. If you’ve never been to one, maybe you ought to go. But there can be lots of drama and women and confusion and activity and i realized it’s really not the place for this introvert.

I’m SO glad Jenny responded! Because you can SO go up to her and say hi! I love her!

And honestly, no one knows me at BlogHer either. There are 1500 people there. I’m a nobody. So I just roll with it and introduce myself to everyone I meet. It’s easiest to pretend like a nobody than pretend to be an A-lister and get offended when no one knows who you are!

You should go!

Tell you what, if I manage to get there, we’ll come be shy together, how’s that? And if you bring anything remotely knitting-looking, I bet all the other knitters will want to strike up a conversation, glad to find one of their own.

yea, what Kristabella said.

And geez, now you have to go. I mean, The Bloggess was first to comment!

Me, that’s who! I’ll know you, and we both know Ree and we’ll kidnap Jenny. See? All sorted out. (told you I’d be by shortly!)

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  • TheQueen: Yeah, perhaps next year suggest you ALL just skip the adult gifts and focus on the little ones. I'm sure you won't miss it!
  • kristabella: Yay! You're back!
  • Shania Ring: Out of all of that, the only thing in my head is 20?!? Twenty? I remember a little boy in middle school when I first started reading you. Are you SURE
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