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Resident of Prozac Nation.

Posted on: August 17, 2009

Well, we’re back from vacation, and I didn’t kill anyone.  Prozac is a good thing.  At least I think it is.  I don’t really know what it actually did, I’m only judging by what I didn’t do, which was kill someone.  After 10 days sequestered with my family, 2 days of a stomach virus (mine) and packing up all our shit to move it somewhere else on three separate occasions, everyone remains alive and relatively unscathed.  I barked at Ingrid once, but seriously, dudes, she deserved it.  That kid can try the patience of a saint.

Which brings me to my next subject.

At what point does one let their child fail and face the consequences?  I don’t mean like not typing their book report for them at midnight of the day it’s due, but big stuff.  Like, if I don’t step in and help, she’ll end up de-registered from college.  That size stuff.

When she left school in May, she left with a hefty package from the nursing program with some requirements that needed to be fulfilled by July 31.  She didn’t show it to me until somewhere around July 15th, and by that point we were almost out of time to get some of the requirements fulfilled.  But I helped and made a dozen phone calls and sent the package to the school by overnight mail so that it got there by the deadline.  One of the things that was on the list she told me she had already taken care of, and to ignore it.  Only she hadn’t.  And now there is a hold on her account, because…those requirements?  And that deadline?  Turns out they were serious!!!

I, of course, called the school to find out what could be done and they explained it to me.  So I texted her to please call me an hour ago and she’s still in bed and hasn’t called.  She has two weeks to get a criminal background check and take a CPR course.

So seriously, what does a parent do?  This is real stuff.  I can’t afford for her to be kicked out of the nursing program because she can’t get herself organized enough to get 10 things done in 3 months.  This isn’t just about her – it’s about us too because it’s costing us a fortune to send her.  I just really don’t know at what point I can just wipe my hands and not give a damn anymore.


5 Responses to "Resident of Prozac Nation."

I have no answers for you. I AM proud of you for not killing her.

If she fails to go back to school, what are the consequences? Will she have to get a job and pay rent?

My kid is the anal-retentive type, so i don’t really have to do this kind of stuff.


That’s a tough one.

I think if it were me, I wouldn’t have DONE any of it. I would have given her the list of requirements and told her that she had (two/three weeks) to get it ready to be mailed. Then I would have helped her package it/get it ready to mail and probably made sure it actually got mailed. I probably wouldn’t have done any of the actual gathering of info, etc, I would have just monitored that it was getting done.

Easy for me to say though cause the fact is if TJ had a similar list and I gave him two/three weeks to get it all ready, I’d have been nagging him to death the entire time making sure he was taking care of it.

It’s hard to let go, and yet, if we don’t let go, they never fall on their faces and learn.

I think the problem is that, as a generation, we’ve coddled these kids too much and we’ve not forced them to feel the pain of their own actions enough. I’m guilty as charged where my boys are concerned.

Funny – I was just getting ready to post about teaching children gratefulness and thankfulness. Something I hope to instill in at least one of the children of this household.

Ya know the school thing is a hard one to answer. Because if they do get kicked out they run the risk of never going back. But it took me getting kicked out of school to realize that I actually needed to pass some classes and take my education seriously, that and the parents to stop paying. It also seems like maybe the reason could be I don’t have to because Mom will do it for me. Do you still do her laundry to? Why else would she wait till the last minute to show it to you and have You do the work. Take a stand introduce her to life and have her do it. Monitor and offer help but she should have been the one calling the school etc..

Glad to hear the prozac is working and you haven’t killed anyone yet 🙂 Course when i started my welbutrin I found everything hilarious. From a kid going down a slide into a frozen puddle and immediately crying, thinking to myself and laughing sucks to be those parents. That and the side affects of prozac were affecting my marriage to much.

Hmmm, that’s a good question. If you don’t do it, she might not go back and then what? You’re stuck with her at home? I don’t know what I would do. I would end up doing it for her, since you need to to go back to college. Right? That’s a tough one.

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