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Posted on: August 18, 2009

Last night, I was flipping stations and found a retrospective – a good one – about Woodstock.

I was 8 when Woodstock was happening, and I didn’t even know what it was until many years later.  But the music of that era is very much alive for me, probably because my sisters and brothers and husband are all products of the 60’s.  I’ve passed a love of CSN&Y, the Mamas and Papas, the Beatles, Dylan, and Jefferson Airplane to my daughter.  She is convinced she was born in the wrong era.

After the show was on about 10 minutes, Ingrid turned away from Facebook (yeah, imagine that!) and joined me on the couch to watch the last hour.

At some point, she turned to me and said, “You didn’t go to that right?”  Ain’t it cute how they have no idea how old you are or when you were alive.

“No, I was a kid.  But I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.”

She gasped.  “Are you kidding?  Why not!?”

I looked at the television – the rampant drug use, the sex, the mud – and then looked at her.  “You know me pretty well.  Does that look like some place I’d be happy?”  All those people.  All that dirt.  All those drugs.  Oh my.  No.

She just shook her head at me and started watching again.  And at some point, a clip of Gracie Slick singing at dawn came on, and she asked me, “Was it just continual music for three days, all night long?”

I said, yeah, I think so.

“And you wouldn’t want to go to THAT?  What are you, crazy????”

No.  I’m just uncool.


6 Responses to "Uncool"

Ha! But you wouldn’t have known that going in, right? That it would have been so many people, and all that mud? I wonder if I would have gone. If I was in my teens or early 20s, I probably would have gone because I didn’t mind dirt or crowds or anything like that!

I was in high school at the time and I would have LOVED to have gone, but I was just a little bit too young.

I’m with you. Shitting in the woods is for bears only. 😉

I’m with you, not my idea of fun either.

Um, Jefferson Starship… My friend Lisa at, who dyes yarn I love to knit, used to be lead singer in a band that opened for them.

I was at the tail end of the baby boom, so, too young to go, too.

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