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Dents and Dentability

Posted on: September 9, 2009

I need to go to the dentist.  I hate the dentist.  I will do anything to avoid the dentist.  I am running out of excuses not to go to the dentist.

I have a tooth that needs to go.  The filling fell out a while back, and I went (GASP!!) to have it fixed, but the dentist said then he could only give me a temporary filling, but the tooth needed to come out.  So he recommended an oral surgeon.  I did not call.

The temporary filling has been very good to me, and is still in place, and I am ignoring the need to call the oral surgeon.  However, about 4 months ago, it started to hurt.  I mean seriously hurt, as in I would lie down at night and OH! the throbbing!  So I…gulp…called the oral surgeon.

The oral surgeon (notice how often I’m using those words…I’m trying to get used to them) was unable to see me for 3 weeks at that time…excellent!  And since they had never seen me, they wouldn’t prescribe anything for the OH! THROBBING! or for the obvious abscess going on in my gum.  Sorry!

I couldn’t call the dentist because he put in the temporary filling with the directive to GO TO THE ORAL SURGEON and I ignored him.

So I called my doctor with a sob story about how the oral surgeon couldn’t help me and I was all OH! THROBBING! and could he help?  And they gave me a giant bottle of Percoset (I love him for that) and 2 weeks worth of antibiotics.

At this point, I must draw your attention to this which was added just today from the musty old blog, in which I almost die from an antibiotic allergy.  There are similar stories, including the one in which we went to Washington DC with a pic-line in my arm to administer IV-antibiotics because that’s all I can take.  And that was what made me decide to remove that chunk of ruined colon.

So anyway, back to the tooth story…(are you still there?  hello??)

The antibiotics the doctor gave me were the absolute last ones I can take orally without a life threatening allergic reaction.  I took them, but with each pill, I took one Benadryl, just in case.  Nothing happened, no swelling, no itching, no throat closing, no inability to breathe.  The abscess went away and I stopped taking the antibiotics but I saved about 6 of them (I know…very bad of me not to finish the bottle) so that just in case I needed them again before I had worked up the courage to go to the oral surgeon I had one more dose.  And then Thursday night happened.

The tooth has been bothering me the last few days.  Nothing I can’t handle but I know it’s there.  I know it’s abscessing again.  Don’t need a dentist to tell me this.  Still I haven’t called the oral surgeon. *

I suddenly remembered that there were 6 antibiotics in the cupboard and I set off to take one on Thursday night, with the intention of just seeing if it helped.  I opened the pill and was surprised to see the Benadryl in there (I’d forgotten I had combined them in the bottle) so I haphazardly popped one antibiotic and one Benadryl and set about my night.

Fifteen minutes later my fingers and feet started to tingle.  Sixteen minutes later I was filled with dread as I realized what was going on.  I was now allergic to the very last antibiotic I could safely take.  It was 9PM and Jackass wasn’t home.  Morris was asleep.  I was alone.  DAMNED TOOTH!

I ran to the cupboard to find the new bottle of Benadryl I had bought, all the while I’m rubbing my screaming itching hands on my legs and scratching my feet against the carpet to soothe them.  I popped the Benadryl and took two more, and then sat down to hope for the best.

That’s when my heart started to pound.  Anxiety?  Maybe.  Part of the reaction?  Maybe.  I didn’t know for sure, but I was terrified.  My heart was beating so loudly I could hear it in my ears and it was sooo fast.  It didn’t exactly hurt, it was just out of control.  The itching continued, my heart was racing, and my breathing started to get raspy.

Just as I was about to panic for real, Jackass came in and I explained what happened.  This meant a confessional about the tooth because I hadn’t really told him about how bad it was.  Come on, you can guess the first thing he said.  “You have to go to the dentist!!”  Jackass.

He was virtually useless while I tried to decide what to do next.  He hung up his clothes.  Poured himself a drink.  I sweated.  Itched.  Raced.  He turned on the Yankees.  I panicked.  Paced.  Scratched.

Finally, the Benadryl kicked in and I calmed down.  I sat still for the first time in 20 minutes.  Had a bottle of water.  Breathed.

We watched the Yankees a while.  And then, about 40 minutes after it had stopped, I got all clammy.  My heart started to race again!  I had that “I’m going to pass out” feeling.  I felt like there was an elephant on my chest and then it started to burn.

I looked at him and said “I think I need to go to the hospital.”  He never moved.  I don’t know what to think about that.

5 minutes later it all stopped.  Everything.  The itching, the heart pouding, the burning chest.  Done.  Over.

It was scary.  And disappointing, because now I cannot take any known oral antibiotics.  And that’s a scary proposition down the road.  And still…I need to go to the dentist.

So if anyone out there knows anything about homeopathic remedies to deal with things, I’m interested.

*There is a reason I don’t want to go to the oral surgeon.  Because once he removes the tooth I will have a gaping hole in my mouth and we cannot afford the implants that I will then need to go in the hole and I really would like to avoid dentures.

**The oral surgeon will put me out to do the extraction so it’s not that.  No, really it’s not!

***Anyone ever gone to a seda-dentist?


6 Responses to "Dents and Dentability"

Wow seems like you should have went or called earlier. So why do you need a oral surgeon and your dentist can’t pull the tooth?

Never heard of a seda-dentist, my dentist was a sadist is that close enough? My sadist pulled my top wisdom teeth that were impacted and root bound then 2 weeks later pulled the bottom the Wednesday before thanksgiving. I now have a dentist i like that doesn’t seem to be as much of a sadist.

Is the tooth visible like a front tooth? my dad has at least 2 teeth missing that he’s never got implants or dentures for. My dad has HORRID teeth thank god I’m adopted and didn’t get his teeth. It can be done just might make chewing or biting difficult depending on where the tooth is located.

Um, go to the damn oral surgeon!

Shut up Kristen. Just SHUT UP!

I’m not going. Not yet anyway.

Ooooh, seda dentists are my favorite peoples. Nice twilighty almost sleep and you don’t feel a thing.

I had the exact same thing happen when I was 28 (10ish years ago) ((ok, 15)) and went to have it pulled. The dentist refused, said I was too young to lose a tooth and put in a temp filling. It’s still there as far as I know.

But not to worry! there’s others that need work, and no, I haven’t called yet either.

Go ahead and get it done. It won’t hurt to wait a while before you get the implant.

Oh honey. I know that fear of dentists feeling. I really do. But you must get it done – and gap be damned. Just think of whats-her-name with the huge space in the front of her mouth!

Well that entire reaction thing is SO scary! I went through that last year, lips swelling, itching everywhere (and hives HURT when they’re on the bottom of your feet!). I am still taking a prescription antihistimine daily (xyzal), but what I have found really helps is taking a course of Diflucan when I take an antibiotic. I take like six pills spread out every other day or something like that? Anyway, my allergist doesn’t believe in reactions to yeast, but I’m convinced that’s what I have….no diflucan…major reaction….diflucan…a ok.

Now, about your husband not reacting when you told him you needed to go to the hospital. Unacceptable! And you can tell him I said so….LOL, like that will make all the difference to him.

And finally, about your tooth. Get the damned thing OUT OF THERE! Get on a dental payment plan or something, but get it out.

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