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Feet On Strike!

Posted on: September 11, 2009

My feet are so pissed off right now!

Yesterday, it was a balmy 72 degrees here in NJ and, as I am wont to do, I left home wearing these:


OK, well not exactly these, but as close as I could come on their website.  Are they not fabulous?  My particular brand are actually brown and pink, and the upper part is neoprene which hugs your feet and never slips or causes blisters.  I can walk 5 miles in these suckers.  And the best part?  Ohhhh the best part!  On the bottom is a small indentation and inside that indentation is a square piece of metal.  It is…wait for it…a bottle opener.  Yes, ladies and ladies, I have a bottle opener on the bottom of my flip flops.  I highly recommend it, guaranteed to get your name to the top of any guest list.

But alas, I woke up this morning and it was pouring and the thermometer in the kitchen said 54 degrees.  54???  WTF?  Did NJ get moved to Nova Scotia when I wasn’t looking?

So today I had no choice.  I put my Reefs away for the day and I pulled out these:


Oh.  And socks.  Because I have to wear socks with them.

Socks and boots.  My toes are all scrunched.  My ankles are imprisoned.

They are not pleased.


3 Responses to "Feet On Strike!"

Don’t you find it is gross to open a bottle (that you’ll put on YOUR MOUTH) with something that has been trudging through sludge on the ground?

I prefer to keep my bottle openers on my key chains.

It’s weird that you guys usually have the weather we have a few days later. Yet, here it has been in the upper 70s all week and will continue like that into next week. YAY!

The boots might not open a beer bottle, but I’ll bet if you whacked the cork hard enough, you could use those heels to crack a bottle of wine…

Oh, but cute CUTE booties

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