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Full Metal Jacket

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Last week, I bought this very adorable (I thought) jacket at my new favorite store.  I have never shopped there before because their sizing was intimidating.  How do I know if I’m a 2.5 or a 3?  It’s hard enough admitting what size I really am, let alone having it converted to the metric system.

But I used to walk by this store and think how purty their stuff was (and how pricey!) so one night, when I was really desperate for a couple of pairs of slacks that actually fit me, I went in and gave myself up to the salespeople.  Turns out I’m a 2.5, and they carry “short” slacks.  I am now officially in love.

Back to the story, I bought a jacket.  And I frankly think it’s smashing.  It’s got a 3/4 sleeve, and it’s sort of a metallic looking thing, but it’s actually made of linen – with some sort of coating on it to give it the metallic look and to make it sort of…um…coated?  Here, I’ll show you:

Jacket 001

There’s a reason for the face.

I wore it to work last Friday, because I was planning to go to that pseudo-reunion and it looks really cute with a nice pair of jeans (also bought from Chico’s.  They call them “Skinny Jeans”.  What’s not to love??)

The jacket was a little much for the office, I admit.  But I wore it with an awesome pair of brown twill slacks and a nice little turtleneck shell under it and I thought it was great.  And then the men in the office saw it.  Let me share with you the comments:

“Where did you get that, from the set of Miami Vice?”

“Hey, look, it’s Erik Estrada.”

“Nice raincoat.”

“Do you have a walk-on with the Giants this weekend?”

and my favorite…

“I didn’t know you were a volunteer fireman.”

It went on all day.  ALL. FUCKING. DAY.  And then one of them whispered, soto voce, to the other, “That jacket is going to the back of the closet.  We’ll never see it again.”

And damn them.  They’re so right.


5 Responses to "Full Metal Jacket"

Well, I need a better pic of the entire jacket to make a determination, but no matter what *I* think of it, or the guys in your office think of it, if you like it…you should wear it.

Don’t let the haters get to you.

Wear the jacket, and smack the crap out of the next person who says anything.

Is your office cold, like most offices? Because if it is, I totally think you should keep that puppy on the back of your chair to wear whenever you get chilly. Just to spite them!

Thanks for your comment on my Blissfully Domestic post. I agree. Except for the Will part. I’m not tired of him yet… 😉

What do they know?

Can you keep it and wear it on weekends?

Also, I would have called you Debbie Phelps, Michael Phelps’ mom, since she wears everything Chicos has.

Screw ’em. Not literally, you understand…

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