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Posted on: October 7, 2009

Jackass’ new car came with 3 months of XM Radio.  I am so insanely jealous I can’t speak about it.  Talk about a total waste of fabulous technology.  This is a man who listens to Imus in the Morning on his way to work, and sport radio on his way home.

We sat at the dealer while the salesman showed us all the wondrous things XM can do, and all the dazzling stations it can get.  And oh! the clarity!  No scratchy interference.  No static.  Just clear, crisp tones through which I could listen to The Killers, or Pearl Jam, or the Counting Crows – if only I had XM in my car.

He scoffed at the XM when we got it.  Declared it a waste of money, and that he would never listen to it.  The first day, however, he came home from work telling me he had listened to Benny Goodman all the way home.  And the next night it was The Andrew Sisters.  And then, show tunes.  Now he intends to extend the free 3 months when the time is up so that he can have this “music” at his fingertips for eternity.

I ask you, is this not a tragedy?  No man needs XM Radio for show tunes.  I think I should hijack it and replace it a cassette deck.


5 Responses to "XMstacy"

I sooo miss my XMradio. A option I’m sure the wonderful salesperson neglected. Again something I know from working at a GM dealership for 5 years. But you could have rolled the yearly fee into the payment so say for 5 years you wouldn’t have even noticed you were paying the 9.99 a month for radio. My last 2 cars a grand am and a trailblazer both had XM. I loved it. The best was when my wife and I drove to Florida for our honeymoon. We didn’t have to surf for channels or carry a stack of cd’s. But with the grand am I got the original Delphi skyfi and the adapter. So not only could I listen to it in my car but I could take it in the house. I haven’t bought an adapter yet for the new car but I’m thinking I will because local radio now that I’ve had to go back to that the past 10 months SUCKS!!! So there is a easy solution if you don’t mind paying a subscription for Radio is to hit up ebay pick up a older skyfi or even newer skyfi2 or 3 unit and have it put in your car 🙂 I also was a big fan of paying for multiple years up front, so i’m not writing out that check every month to XMRadio. Just one large check every few years, I think about how much it actually costs less that way.

I got Sirius as a gift a few years ago and I LOVED it! But I couldn’t justify the monthly cost, especially when I switched jobs and was taking the train. Now that I drive again, I wish I had it. I love how it would alert you any time a Beatles song (or artist of your choosing) was on!

Show tunes?! Is he gay?!

My new car came with Sirius, and while I always said I’d never pay for radio…….well, a good example of never say never.

I’ve got it. You should tell him about the sports talk radio channels. Fox, ESPN, whatever else the others are? My fiance and I both have it (I miraculously have had mine paid for by some un-known sugar daddy. Bought my car over a year ago, and it still comes piping through the speaker system.) You would LOVE the Lithium channel (I think it’s channel 54). Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, NIN, the Pumpkins, etc.

Your husband is gay. I’m sorry, but someone has to tell you, and maybe him.

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