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A-ba-dee A-ba-dee, Th-That’s all Folks!

Posted on: October 28, 2009

Ingrid’s roommate has swine flu.  They’re sending the kid home for a week, but Ingrid and the remaining 2 roommates will stay behind in the infestation.  Excellent.

Morris and I have both had the seasonal flu shot, but no one else in the family has.  Ingrid is supposed to have one before she can start her clinicals next semester but the school ran out, as have all the pharmacies and doctors in the area, and at home as well.  I’m not sure what she’s supposed to do about next year.  I’m frankly more worried about this week.

I emailed Jackass and he told me the school he teaches at has 16 confirmed cases of swine flu, and another 50 unconfirmed.  They’re unconfirmed because Horizon doesn’t cover the cost of the nose swab they use to confirm it, so those parents opt out of it because the treatment is the same.  But that’s 66 kids in a rural Northern New Jersey high school with swine flu.  Moderately troubling.

And Jackass is one of the ones in the family who hasn’t gotten a seasonal or H1N1 shot yet.  Are you liking our odds?  Anyone want to go for a long car ride with me?  I didn’t think so.


4 Responses to "A-ba-dee A-ba-dee, Th-That’s all Folks!"

Um, stock up on TheraFlu?

I’m waiting for that call from my daughter. Yuck!

Best of luck.. H1N1 is ripping through our town faster than a case of crabs at a whore house. From my understanding also is that by now its almost to late to get the vaccine as it takes 3 weeks to build up immunities and with as many people have it and my daughter already having had it, chances are even if I could find vaccine to protect my butt its to late. Even with a 3 month at home which all the horror stories of H1N1 and infants scares the ever loving crap out of me. But I did get a regular flu shot at the beginning of Oct. So to take a play out of the ole 1970/80 psa its duck and cover and pray no one else in our house gets it.

Just make sure to wash your hands and have Purell with you at all time!

And stop licking the door handles at the Dunkin Donuts and you’ll be fine.

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