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This is my first time ever not doing NoBloBlahBlah.  I’m usually such a follower, such a lemming, that I do what everyone else is doing, but this year I smartened up for just long enough to realize a person who posts once a month should not be involved in a “let’s post every day” marathon.

I’m vastly proud of myself.  The truth is, I used to set up the weekends on automatic post because I don’t ever post on the weekends, so I was always a cheater anyway.  I feel much better having gotten that off my chest

I know I have news…something must be going on in my life…I just can’t think what it is or why you’d be interested in hearing it…

I just walked into the lunch room here at the office, because one of the Vice Presidents is visiting today and when he does he orders us all pizza.  And even though I’m not hungry and I like to go out for lunch I was all FREE PIZZA! and went and had some.

I walked in and got myself a slice and started to sit down when the strains of the topic of conversation wafted my way.  The men were talking about the atrocities of the current Presidential administration (their words, not mine) and bemoaning the cost of health care reform.  One of the guys who I spar with on a constant basis saw me and shouted, “Don’t worry about the cost, Candy will pay it.”

I’ve said that to him before.  That I think it’s my responsibility as a tax-paying citizen of this country to help out my brother.  To pay extra to give everyone healthcare, so that maybe – just maybe – the cost the poor lady who works nights at the local McDonalds can afford to take her infant to the doctor for an ear infection.  I know, call me crazy.

So I laugh it off even though the prickles of annoyance are rising up my spine, and I sit down.  And then the VP who was visiting says:

“Can you believe this moron who said that thing about the mammograms?”

Direct quote.  First of all, men sitting around a lunch room talking about mammograms – color me crazy but WTF?  The reason breast cancer hasn’t been cured, IMHO, is because men don’t typically get it.  So let’s not be silly enough to think we believe that you give a damn, gentlemen.

But then the one who made the crack about me paying for healthcare reform personally said:

“Yeah, just the first taste of what healthcare will be like now that our esteemed President is in charge.”

And I said, “That’s it,” got my pizza and walked out.  There was shock.  There were gaping jaws.  And there was my dust.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m entitled to have a free piece of pizza without having to find room to have that shoved down my throat too.




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