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I can, because I have a blog.

Posted on: January 27, 2010

On December 29th, I ordered some stuff from a company called Junonia.  (I’m purposely not linking because I don’t want to promote them…google it if you must.)

We were planning a ski trip for the following week, and I have an awful time buying coats that are appropriate for skiing, because I’m short and squat.  I need something that gets all the way around my middle (which is my biggest problem) and if you’re going to be skiing you really want it to zip, not just hang there looking too small.  So Junonia sells plus size stuff, albeit not petite-plus size stuff, so I took a chance on a jacket they had and a fleece sweater.

I paid for two day shipping ($26!!!) because I needed to know if it was going to fit before the trip, so that if it didn’t I could still shop for something locally.  That meant the item should have arrived on December 31st, or at the latest, I was going to give them to Saturday, January 2nd. I received email confirmation and an order number.

Saturday came and went, and no package arrived.  They also hadn’t charged me for the order ($179.89!!!) so I was a little concerned.  I called them up and asked them to follow up on it.  And I was told they had no record of my order.

“But you sent me an email with an order number,” I argued.  They said they had no record of my order.  They said that over and over again.  And I kept saying, but you confirmed it, and you have my debit card info.  And they kept saying, whatever, but we have no record of your order so we’re certainly not going to charge you for an order we don’t have.  And I said, “But I needed the items last week so I don’t want them anymore, so cancel my order.”  And they said, “We have no record of your order, so there’s nothing to cancel.”

A week later they charged my card (and since it’s a debit, my checking account) for $179.89.

Livid, I called their customer service department and spoke to a very nice lady who actually got on the phone with my bank and had them reverse it.  She apologized, and she canceled the order that didn’t exist.  Some computer glitch – some turnover of customer service, whatever.  All was well.

I think it’s important to note here that, while they did indeed charge my card, they never sent the package.

So all was well until the following Monday, January 18th.  When they charged my card again.  Only this time, the customer service people were all “There’s nothing we can do, just refuse the order when it arrives.”  Which means that I might get the money back sometime in February.

My bank filed a “Regulation E” which takes like 10 days before they can do anything about it, but meanwhile, I got the number for their actual offices and called and spoke to a woman who was attempting to help me.  She listened to my sad tale of woe, and basically came back a day later to leave a voicemail on my phone saying there was nothing she could do but she’d give me a discount on a future purchase.

So I called her back, and when I couldn’t reach her, left her my own voicemail telling her how completely unacceptable that was, and that I was not going to take that as the answer.

The next day, Friday, she left me another voicemail telling me she was overnighting me a check for $179.89 and that that should settle the matter.  I would have the check Saturday.

Friday night, their customer service department reversed the debit, and the amount was credited back into my account.  Then the check came Monday, not Saturday.

I didn’t cash the check…I didn’t think it was right for me to do that, when they had credited me the amount.  It’s sitting on my dining room table.

Can I mention?  I still haven’t received the package, even though they charged my card on January 18 and I PAID $26 FOR TWO DAY SHIPPING!

Anyway, they reversed the charge, and sent me a check I was going to destroy, but a little bird told me not to.  Just wait, it tweeted.  So I waited a day.

And today they charged my account again for $179.89 and overdrafted my fucking checking account (tomorrow is payday, what can I say…we live day to day over here).

I just got off the phone with Janet from another Planet at Junonia.  She is apologetic.  But has no idea how to help me.  She’s “working on it.”  Meanwhile, these fucks have my debit card number, and continue to charge me whenever they want.  I’m going to have to go and cancel it, and thus cancel all my revolving bill paying that I have in place and totally fuck things up because of this DAMNED COMPANY.





3 Responses to "I can, because I have a blog."

This is why i seldom use my debit card. Assholes!

Auugh! Infuriating. I’ve changed my card so much because of this type of bs, it’s not even funny. There should be a way to block one specific merchant, instead of having to cancel the whole shebang.

OK, that is so ridiculous. Like they should be fined or something. Because it is just so WRONG that they keep doing it!

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