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Posted on: May 27, 2010

So thank you all for the feminine hygiene tips (yes I’m looking at you, Shania), but I think I’ve gotten that part down pat…so to speak.

Yesterday, I went to a urologist, who I shall call Dr. Luv.  First of all that’s part of his name, but my adoration goes oh so much deeper than that.

He was about 42, funny, cute and playful.  LOVE that about a doctor.  I almost don’t care if they can cure me if they’re willing to flirt with me a little.

Anyway, he looked things over (yes…all “things”) and decided this has been one long infection that hasn’t been treated well and not 3 individual recurrences.  He switched me from antibiotics to an antiseptic, which I’ve never taken orally (I’ve put it on the occasional burn but I’m guessing it’s not the same thing in cream form) and which has turned my pee a lovely shade of azure blue.  Really, you haven’t lived until you get up from the pot and glance behind to find the Caribbean Sea in your toilet.

I’ve had 2 of these pills and I feel 100% better.  The blue piss is just a plus.

He’s sending me for an ultrasound to check on the parts, because I said I hated cat-scans.  He agreed and said an ultrasound was fine.  Like I said, love the Dr. Luv.  Gave me samples of the drugs so I don’t have to buy them.  And on the way out…wait for it…told me I could drink on these pills!  WINE, come to my baby!

I’ve been dry for 3 weeks now.  I’m cranky.  My first drink will be in honor of Dr. Luv.


5 Responses to "Cheers!"

cheers~! I got that exact same diagnosis, only after my three weeks of treatment they wanted to check things out and see if I was clean. That was fine. Nurse warned there might be blood on my underpants. Big deal. I didn’t put it together and consider what uric acid feels like on a slightly torn up uretha. I was unprepared. Evidently I scream when I am unprepared.

Well my my..look at you posting three days in a row! and you’re quite welcome for the advice. Glad you liked the doc. That makes it so much more pleasant. (Do you think the queen knows that her whole name is up there? Or do you think she’s throwing her UNanonymity up in your face?) 😉

I don’t like that smiley face guy that shows up. Do you have a snarky, evil looking smiley face I can use?

So THAT”S where they get the blue pee in those diaper commercials. Maybe you can sell it and make some $.

OMG, I would probably forget every time and have a mild panic attack when I saw blue pee!

Glad you’re feeling better! Was this doctor on Real Housewives too?

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